L’amour Image

You are seen before you are heard ‘ hence in both our personal & professional front when we meet people for the first time , we are seen before we are heard by them. In short, the Visual Communication happens before even the talking / interaction happens.

L’amour Image which suggests ‘love image’ focuses and enhances the three most important aspects of visual communication : Appearance (Personal style, Dressing and other relevant aspects), Behaviour (Etiquette, Body Language and others), Communication Skills (Verbal and Non-Verbal strategies). With respect to ones self values , characteristics and positive traits – for creating positive, powerful first and lasting impression. Self image empowerment , the Brand ‘You’ image will increase your capability , credibility , productivity contributing towards the continous success in life with ease and Joy.

Let’s celebrate the beauty and success of life, loving your image can be the starting point in creating the Brand ‘You’ image – Suave Persona with an aura of confidence ,carrying your self with great e’lan , making you and others ‘ Love Your Image’.

The Brand ‘You’ program would include the following procedure:

  1. Client Need Analysis : Analysing the ‘Current You’ to achieve the ‘Ideal You’.
  2. Recommendation : Programs / services to be recommended as per the needs analysis.
  3. Implementation: Implementation of the program / services recommended using consultation or workshops.