Fine Dining Etiquette

fine diningFine Dining Etiquette plays an important part in making effective positive impression as it reflects the visible sign of our mannerisms with respect to values and culture .

L’amour Image Fine Dining Guidelines covers the important aspects of pragmatic code of conduct of Fine Dining :

  1. Beginning from the practical know how of use of different cutlery to table mannerisms which are more or less standard varying from place to place .
  2. The Table Setting ( Silverware / Dinnerware )
  3. The Seating arrangement ( formal )
  4. Techniques for having difficult Food and Dessert .
  5. Getting familiar with the essential Do’s and Dont’s of Fine Dining to avoid discomfort in formal / informal scenario .

Invest in the fun learning experience of Fine Dining to let this valuable etiquette speak for your au courant , savvy persona.