Your visual image ,personal appearance or self presentation communicates to one and all, as well as to yourself.

In today’s fast competitive world , it is important to understand the science and art of creating first and lasting impression. Be it Job, Marriage , Business or social front , it is vital to portray the right image as per your role , goal , occasion , place ,time and people you meet , for having known for your ‘Brand You ‘ image.

On the basis of Client Need Analysis and Lifestyle analysis ,we recommend to choose from the following bespoke services best suited as per the requirement.


  1. Personal Style
  2. Color Analysis
  3. Body Shape / Face Shape
  4. Personal Shopping
  5. Wardrobe Management and Cluster
  6. Etiquette (Business and Social graces)
  7. Body Language
  8. Communication Skills
  9. Fine Dining Etiquette ( For Adults / Teens )
  10. Make Up and and Grooming